National Women's Golf Association

Posted 9/15/2021 4:43:07 PM
Tour Standings Updated


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Upcoming Events
Parris Island Women's Championship
October 3-5
The Legends of Parris Island
Parris Island, SC
NON-US CITIZENS: The deadline for non US Citizen Foreign Nationals to submit their information for security screening has passed. If you are a Non US Citizen please do not register for this event. Your background check will not be back in time for you to get access to the base
Q-School Prep 3 - Magnolia Grove, Mobile, AL
November 17-18
Q-School Prep 4 - RTJ Highland Oaks, Dothan, AL
November 23-24
Latest Results
Falcon's Fire
September 14-15
Stous. R (-11)
Polo. L (-10)
Shin. B (-6)
Q-School Prep 2 - Marriott's Shadow Ridge, Palm Desert, Ca
August 12-13
Thorngren. E (-9)
Garvey. A (-6)
Wen Yung. K (-6)
Q-School Prep 1 - Mission Hills CC, Rancho Mirage, CA Pete Dye Course
August 9-10
Pramphun. K (-9)
Huang. C (-8)
Kim. G (-7)
Current Rankings
National Women's Golf Association
2021 Season
As of 9/15/2021 4:34:22 PM
1 - Reto. P
2 - Yuan. H
3 - Porvasnik. J
4 - Gartrell. A
T5 - Pramphun. K